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Port Edwards, Wisconsin displays their "Monarch Village USA" sign on an entrance to the village. (Photo courtesy Pat McGrath)

Port Edwards, Wisconsin displays their "Monarch Village USA" sign on an entrance to the village. (Photo courtesy Pat McGrath)

America has over 19,000 municipalities.  Our goal is to get as many as possible in as short of time as possible to become creators/supporters of new monarch milkweed sites within their borders.  Membership allows other cities and towns to inquire about who is a member and how close are they to their city or town.  We believe in networking for more monarch habitat.

To be a Monarch City USA member your mayor and/or local government chief executives must register with us, pay the $50 lifetime fee, and purchase one or more signs. Signs are $150 each, but if you order 10 signs we will give you two more signs for free.  We call it our "ten for a dozen" program.  It pays to buy in bulk.  Most cities will purchase many signs.  Local garden clubs and other good civic organizations will likely want to purchase the signs for your city.  Ask around.

Be sure to call us at 605-691-1074 if you have questions.


To be a member of Monarch City USA, we ask that you commit to these simple, positive actions:

1.  Publicly proclaim that your city is committed to helping the monarch butterflies survive by your immediate and future actions. (A good example is from Brookings, Oregon: )

2.  Encourage citizens to plant private milkweed and nectar gardens throughout your city.

3.  Work with gardening, landscaping, and/or arboretum clubs in your city.

4.   Support the national movement to support monarch butterfly habitat development by purchasing and placing Monarch City USA signs at appropriate sites.

5.  Convert abandoned lands to monarch butterfly habitat.

6.  Re-establish native milkweed and nectar plants where possible.

7.  If possible, host an annual monarch butterfly festival.  (Free advice is available from us, Monarch City USA.)

8.  Integrate monarch butterfly conservation into the city's future land use planning efforts.

 9.  Work with the local K-12 school system and educators to promote a better understanding of land use conservation.

10.  Investigate possible Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary sites.



You know your city better than anyone else.  We suggest that possible sites are along boulevards, streets, and avenues, on school grounds, around city hall, in your parks, etc.

The signs honor your city's commitment to a better habitat for the monarchs.  And, it lets your citizens and visitors know of your belief in a better habitat for one of nature's marvels:  THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY.



Each all-weather street sign, 12 inches by 18 inches,  costs $150, which includes mailing costs.   The street signs are of city-grade metal and paint, and made in the USA of the highest quality.  After payment, your order will be delivered within ten working days to any location in the continental United States.

We offer a choice of three slightly different and yet beautiful street signs.  Again, they are all-weather street signs of top-quality metal and paint.  See the attractive signs shown below.          



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