Dear Community Leader,
Monarch butterflies make our city more enjoyable, scenic, peaceful, and a joyful place to live.  The monarchs are pollinators and benefit our flowers and fruits.  Monarchs can increase our property values throughout the area.  As a city leader you understand the peaceful nature and economic benefits of having monarchs.  Monarch City USA recognition of our area highlights our efforts and commitment to the environment, promoting civic pride and improvement.  We need to earn this international recognition by supporting the planting of milkweed and nectar plants within our city limits.
Our city's environment will be improved by our joining with other cities in the Monarch City USA program.  We will put up our internationally recognized signs as a symbol that we believe in a better environmental future for all.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.  Thank you in advance for helping us join Monarch City USA and begin our journey to a better environment for all of us.  I would be happy to help with the application in any way possible.
P.S.  We might consider having a Monarch City USA festival, which would certainly help our citizens celebrate and improve tourism revenues.