Yes!  We are the source of the MONARCH CITY USA street signs and registration!  

And the promise of helping you and your community with your first MONARCH FESTIVAL, for free.

Founder Russ Stubbles and his wife, Beverly, with their grandson.

Founder Russ Stubbles and his wife, Beverly, with their grandson.

MONARCH CITY USA was created in 2015 in Maple Valley, Washington!   We are a non-profit corporation under Washington state Department of Revenue.  We strongly encourage America’s 19,000+ municipalities to directly help the monarch butterfly population recover through planting milkweed and nectar plants within their borders.  We purposely coordinate with other organizations to help the monarchs fully recover.

Our goal is to get the nation's municipalities to become supporters of the monarch butterfly by planting new monarch milkweed and nectar plants throughout their areas.   Of course, we want to promote as many new sites as possible in as short of time as possible.  

Please let us know if you have an idea or two to improve our efforts.


We are advised by citizens throughout the nation.   For example, listed below are some of our excellent advisors, who continually give us ideas and feedback, 24/7/365.  In alphabetical order:

Dave Conly,  Texas:  commercial pilot

Dr. Paul Johnson, South Dakota: entomologist

Fran Parker, Colorado: county health employee

Dr. Susan Rupp, Arkansas: owner of Enviroscapes Ecological

Darby Sanders, Iowa: environmentalist

Col. Bob Semrad, South Dakota:  retired Chaplin USAF

Nessa Shrank, North Dakota: county clerk

Wendy Kertesz, Ohio: developer of MONARCH, A Living Resort

Fong Cha


David Gilbertson, California:  landscape architect and artist

Dave was our good friend, a landscape architect who cared about the environment in his thinking and plans. There were many caring, human dimensions about Dave, including a very good family. We miss him. All we can say is that God must have had an important, complicated landscape project to do and He chose Dave.

Contact us if you wish to join our board of advisors, or know of someone we should ask to be on the board.



Director:  Russell Stubbles


Phone: 605-691-1074

Mailing Address: 22765 SE 266th St., Maple Valley, WA  98038